Content "The Bloodfire Compendium" by Les Hernandez


Introduction by Michael K. Silva
The Bloodfire Boils...

Part I: On The Philosophy of Satanism


Satanism: a Brief Summary
What the Hell is “Satan?”

Satanism as a Religion and Atheism

Devil Worship vs. Devil Worship

Concerning Accusations of Plagiarism

“Theistic Satanism” is a Farce!

On "Re-defining" Satanism

Inverted Crosses

I Am That I Am


Part II: Essays and Rants


History and Explanation of the Bloodfire Sigil

Knowledge of the Sphere
Luciferian Love

Let There Be Death

Sacred Mendacity

Satanic Civil Rights

Earth: Brainwashed!


Doctor Frankenstein's Repair Shop

A Shot at Gun Control

Blood Offerings

A Brief Word on Brats

The Benefits of Suicide

Sir Basil Zaharoff

That's Entertainment!

What Makes You So Damned Special?

Myth, Music, Magic, and the Mephistophelian

A Thought on Lycanthropy

The Tale of Howard Phillips Lovecraft


Part III: Tales of the Strange and Outré


The Strange Curwen Testimony

Curwen's Journal


Part IV: On Sorcery

Lovecraftian Diabolica

Sorcery in the South Pacific

Heroes, Villains, and Other Infernal Names

Divination by Devils

Satanic Rite of Homage and Pact Renewal

The Magic of Symbolism in Marketing


Part V: Poetically Speaking...


Behind Closed Eyes

The Bubbling Death

Child of the Sea


The Melding

I hope You Die


Solitary Death


Mistress Damnation

Old MacDonald

The Pact on the Hill

The Birth of Death


Sic Luceat Lux

Violent Night

Pan The Great!

The Black Eternal

Part VI, Six, 6


You'd Be Proud, Doktor

Afterword by Peggy Nadramia